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2012 Clincal Research Grant Application 

Deadline for submission is December 30, 2011

Application Instructions


Please complete the online registration form in its entirety. You may upload documents to attach to your application including the proposal, your CV, the proposed budget, letters of support and, as necessary, grant award payment instructions.* If you are sending additional documents by mail or fax, please notify the AARS office at

*Applicants are advised to provide detailed instructions regarding grant award payment methodologies and requirements as may be mandated by their employer, institution, or project committee.  AARS shall not be responsible for grant award payments provided in contravention of such third party requirements.

Proposal: Describe your proposal in sufficient detail for adequate evaluation by the AARS Clinical Research Studies Committee. Make every effort to be succinct and use figures or tables to summarize your plans. Items 1-6 below should not exceed ten pages. Do not submit a copy of any application prepared for another grant.

A suggested format is listed below:

1. Specific Aims: What do you intend to accomplish? What hypothesis is to be tested?

2. Significance: Why is the research important? Evaluate existing knowledge in the field and specifically identify the possible contributions that your investigation may make.

3. Preliminary Studies: What has already been done in this field?

4. Organizational Structure: Please describe in detail your organizational structure vis-à-vis dermatology and include a supporting letter from the sponsor describing the nature of the relationship to a division or department of dermatology.

5. Experimental Design: How are you going to accomplish the research? Describe the experimental design, the procedures to be used, and the manner in which the data will be analyzed. Do not include established laboratory procedures.

6. Literature Cited


















Candidate Information

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Budget Summary

Proposed Budget: Provide a detailed budget as a separate attachment.  The funding for this grant is not to be used to provide funding for indirect costs, or overhead costs, at universities or any other organization.

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Letters of Support

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Grant Award Payment Instructions

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I certify that the statements in this application are true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that the award funds will be used only for the purpose reflected in my application. Any unused funds will be returned to the AARS. I hereby agree to provide a written progress and financial report to the AARS within 30 days of the termination of my fellowship.

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